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New Way

to Plan Your Business.

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"Think "Who & Why" before "What", it makes all the difference to the Future-Proof Business."

- Liesbeth Dillen


When do you need a better business innovation?

  • Need to combine "global" with "local".
  • Instead of competitive advantages or growth potentials, you only focus on weaknesses.
  • The brand values do not reflect in the strategies and actions of your business.
  • You're using buzz words such as "millenials", "co-creation", "digitalisation" as the magic solutions or threats.
  • Your SWOTs turn out to be a brainstorm of wishful thinking.
  • Existing strategies and actions lack impact.
  • To achieve more with less and faster than before.
  • Need to plan for the "uncertain" in a new way. Think of it as having a guidance, a vision, a direction - so that you can move with agility and grow.

Better Business Innovation

“Why do I need a new and different way of planning business,” you ask? Because now is different from before.

Now, empowered consumers define the game with  increasingly high demands.  So do your employees. The reason why we work around a plan with topics of extreme customer centricity, disruption, business model change, and marketing, is to take you to the next level.


When do you need a better business coaching?

  • You need faster outcome and be less restricted by demanding manpower and financial resources.
  • You want all team members to understand the WHY of the plan so that they can implement strategies with focus and consistency.
  • You need lasting results and new ideas to flow continuously and productively.

Business Coaching

Creating your tomorrow starts with new thinking on strategies and actions that are so much more client and employee centric than before.
The magic happens with training multidisciplinary teams, not just the top.

I create a journey of collective learning with stimulating helicopter view and enriching peer to peer exchanges - where better roadmaps are generated with creativity and insight.


Need help to plan your business
train your team? 



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Client - Global brand, consumer goods (ES, IT, UK, BE, NO, Asia).

Challenge - To combine “Global” with “Local” when classic sales techniques fail.

Solution for Challenge:
Outside perspective to avoid internal home blindness.


Market share acceleration by doing better in local relevance. Found local growth potentials for (how) channels, (who) segments, (where) market, (what) range & services. The team found ways to meet the needs of the clients of today and tomorrow. The difference happened as improving weaknesses wasn’t the stopping point. We amplified strengths in areas that best met the rise of hyper-localism. A storyline created a movement for all co-workers. They’re proud to serve the community’s needs better, and being part of innovative global brand.

Client - Global brand, consumer goods (UK).

Challenge - To boost internal and external trust.

Solution for Challenge:
Workshops with employees, clients, influencers, suppliers.


Ethical leadership, standing out with brand pride. We found that these groups expected to experience trust in the product and the company. This gave “Moment of Truths” - crucial points in the customer experience journey where trust can be built or broken. We redesigned commercial axes and desired behavior to exceed these points. This was translated into actions for co-workers, management, and suppliers.

Client - Healthcare company.

Challenge - To solve home-blindness in sales & marketing team.

Solution for Challenge:
Workshops to think from outside perspective. 


Creating space for new competitor formats to enter. We helped the client to speed up the result and achieve more with less resources. We created speed, simplicity, and agility.
By creating strong-call-to-action and going beyond the classic formats, we made room for new competitor models/formats to enter, and explored new competitive advantages of the future to make the client’s business stand out.

Better Business Planing in Action

Client - Global brand in consumer goods

Area of Concern - Decreasing customer base, and challenge combining “Global” with “Local”

Services Provided:

  • Customized training for local management teams.
  • Distant learning with boostcamps.

Result of Services:

  • Market analysis on competitive landscape, trends, brand, internal capabilities, P&L were possible.
  • Strengthened local growth potentials on - channels, segments, geographic, and range & services.
  • Tackling hindrances to areas of growth were prioritized.
  • Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan, Action Plan set and put into effect.
  • Brand storyline/narrative that involves all co-workers was created