Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up... Me.

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up... Me.


“I didn’t see it coming,” say people who are burnt out. In many cases the reality of running a business means rat race and “being out in a jungle.” And people’s feelings are simply brushed off. But as you look in the mirror every morning, you’re uncomfortable, for you know deep down inside this is not how you want to be remembered as a person. This keynote will get you started, from tomorrow, to be the person you always wanted to be.


  • Recognizing symptoms of chronic stress early on in yourself or in the team.

  • Stress from feeling stuck is based on fear, and has less to do with the work we do, and more with the weak leadership and management.

  • We don’t trust rules, we trust people.

  • Concrete tips on how to get started to be the person you hope to be.

Keynote Duration: 45-60 minutes + Q&A


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