Future-Proof Your Leadership

Future-Proof Your Leadership


What does it mean to be the leader in the new world of work? To “lead the uncertain”? We explore the path to future-proof leadership to inspire your team, stakeholders, and community. We find a way to be authentic and mentally fresh to make the best decisions amidst tsunami of information. Learn to communicate clearly, be more participative, and lead in the uncertain times. Bring out the best in yourself. It’s about how you want to be remembered as a leader.


  • Clarity is the new smart.

  • How do you “lead the new” ?

  • Self care is a public act. You help others by making yourself better.

  • Everything a leader does has significant imprint and impact on people.

  • In constant and fast changing world, the protocol is - that there is no protocol. The agile traits of the leader will have the situation under control.

Keynote Duration: 45-60 minutes + Q&A


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