Purpose Driven Companies

Purpose Driven Companies


The best businesses are built by excited employees who go beyond and above for the company’s success. And here comes the why of what you do. Why does your business exist in the first place? Be inspired to build your business around a cause, a belief, a purpose. Then gather people who are connected to it. People as in customers, leaders, employees, influencers. It’s all about making a difference together.


  • Business should be more than just a balance sheet. There is an increasing competition around purpose and corporate ambition.

  • When people are aware of why behind the actions, they become empowered to make decisions and owning them.

  • Purpose driven companies attract employees and customers, who appreciate how the company makes their lives better, in both small and big ways.

  • Going beyond the classic rationale of what and how will inspire people to go to work each morning with motivation.

  • Nice slogans don’t do the job. You need to work 360 degrees: with head (intellectual commitment),  heart (emotional commitment) and hands  (capability) to make it happen in reality.

Keynote Duration: 45-60 minutes + Q&A


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