Social Skills & Trust Are The Currency of The Future

Social Skills & Trust Are The Currency of The Future


What’s the most common challenge at work? How do you work more cross functional and less in silo’s? How do you lead during the uncertain times? Being a good company is the norm, how do you cut through? These are guiding questions to get to the root of things - such as, what makes people follow your leadership, when do people dare to think big on improving products, services, to match the rising expectations of customer and co-workers?


  • Employees’ distrust towards you will be felt by the clients. It evokes skepticism, and customers nor employees could be loyal. Change it. Create authentic customer, co-worker relationship based on trust.

  • Where do I start? Let’s start from the basics of future proof leadership.

  • Learn to lead during the new and disruptive times.

  • Why do social skills and trust affect innovative thinking?

Keynote Duration: 45-60 minutes + Q&A


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