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"SHE” Method for the Inclusive Company


Introduce diversity thinking as a path to innovation. A 360° approach.

The “SHE” method pioneered in IKEA Country & Global and was created by Liesbeth Dillen in 2001. Later developed further through private practice of business coaching. Today the method of a threefold approach is essential tool to ensure company diversity that stretches beyond gender. Inclusiveness helps find opportunities and create potential solutions for innovation.


Empower diversity of thought to excel performance

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Step 1. - Customer

Female-customer-centricity. Pioneered and lead by Liesbeth. Year 2001. IKEA Country & Global.

Create insights, strategies and actions for a new female customer experience. From products to customer journeys, from service design to branding.

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Step 2. - Co-Worker

Empowering women in workspace. Lead by Liesbeth. Year 2007. A part of know-how offered by her consultancy SHE works with wo-men © .

Coaching women to take up leadership roles and introducing diversity thinking as path to innovation.

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Step 3. - Culture

Actively working with men to lead inclusively in the new world of work. Year 2010. A part of new expertise and a company name “SHE works with wo-men ©”.

For diversity & inclusion we believe you need to build intellectual commitment (head), emotional commitment (heart) and capability (hands) to get business results.


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