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Collaborating to nurture your growth as individuals and as a company along Scandinavian leadership principles

Meet Liesbeth

The new way of working is based on shared responsibility and sustainability. Liesbeth helps you face forward and evolve as an organization by cultivating the 6 C's: Collaboration, Curiosity, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Compassion and Courage.

Liesbeth Dillen — Inspiration, Vision & Strategy

Together we are changing our thinking, embracing change and creating a better future. Liesbeth helps leaders and teams unlock the possibilities.


Inspiring individuals and teams

Speaking to the heart and motivating people to be courageous and create new opportunities. Liesbeth not only inspires, but helps pave the way for action.


One-on-one coaching to redefine leadership

Working with individual leaders to move away from the old top-down paradigm and  create the conditions for you and your teams to create and elevate.

Growth plans

Business growth in a changing market

Strategizing for impact by distilling priorities and taking a global view. This is translated into localized action plans to deliver your company promise.

YIN united — Reinventing leadership & culture

Digging for the company’s soul

Liesbeth and Emily form an incredible duo helping leadership teams cultivate innovative thinking in every corner of the company. The name YIN comes from You Inspire Now- You Include Now- and You Innovate Now. And we are United, because none of us is as strong as we are together.

YIN helps teams and individuals to LEAD, LOVE, PRAY:

LEAD more courageous, creative, collaborative teams. LOVE your clients and talents, valuing the relational above the transactional. PRAY by identifying your company's essence and connecting with talent and clients in a way that embodies core values.

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Liesbeth Dillen and Emily Rammant smiling and posing confidently, looking straight to the camera

SHE — Female inclusion & balanced leadership

Advancing diversity of thought
Gender inclusion is a powerful innovation driver. SHE helps liberate and elevate feminine perspectives and culture for the greater good.

The “SHE” method was created by Liesbeth Dillen who pioneered it at IKEA and further developed it through private practice. It offers a dual approach to lifting women leaders and working together to release our collective strengths.

Women at work

Coaching women to take up leadership roles and introducing diversity thinking as a path to innovation.

Shifting the system

Engaging men in courageous conversations to balance leadership and create a healthy environment for everyone to thrive.

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"If you are looking for a strong female role model who can inspire men and women to become the best they can be in their careers, you are in for a treat with Liesbeth!"
Isabelle Willemsens
The Walt Disney Company Benelux | Country Manager & Head of Franchise
"When I got my end-of-year feedback -'You come with very creative ideas and are so much more connected to the outside world than we are'- I had to smile. All credits to you, Liesbeth."
Katrien De Vos
Astra Zeneca | Global Brand Director at the time
Respiratory Bethesda, USA
"Too many priorities, not enough focus… Liesbeth trained our teams on how to do strategic thinking and planning in the IKEA Way: not over intellectualizing things, sharp, innovative, result-driven, and leaving no one behind. She pushed us to get past our blind spots and to work with an outside perspective. She helped them to do more than they thought they could ever do, they are proud and accountable for making it happen now. "
Laurent Tiersen
IKEA Ibérica | Commercial Manager
"Coaching by Liesbeth is the best gift you can give yourself. She puts things in perspective, helps you grow and in the end that is what makes you more confident as a leader."
François Lippens
FamousGrey | MD
"Putting people and trust first, building it from a solid business "Why": Liesbeth inspired with a call to action for each in our own leadership. A great experience I can only recommend."
Kris Geeraert
Danone Benelux | CEO at the time
"We used Liesbeth's expertise to build a D&I business case. She introduced us to crowdsource with virtual discussions - via Synthetron - with men and women from our sites in Australia, South Africa, Canada, China and HQ in London to reveal the biggest barriers for change. This was new and very successful with great eye openers and workable output that is now being worked with worldwide."
Bruno Sane
Rio Tinto Global Mining Group | General Marketing Manager at the time
"Your line of thinking undermines ‘the classics’ and mirrors reality so well. Your perspectives come from a completely new angle than the view of companies who handle HR the classical way. One big eye-opener was the underleveraged role of middle management. You are standing out with your experience, Liesbeth!"
Halime Aldur
AB InBev | Former Finance and HR Director
"Partnering with Liesbeth helps you get the best out of yourself, your business, your teams and leaders in creating the day after tomorrow. She brings a fresh breeze of thinking, positive and inspirational, there is this Scandinavian touch in it, human and result-driven."
Diane Zygas
BAM Belgium | ​​Finance and HR Director at the time
"We had no idea how stress affects our creative thinking until we listened to your keynote 'Don’t sleep with the boss.' Your personal story made it strong. Your professional story & hands-on tips helped us to change. Our eyes are wide open now."
Principals Branding Agency Sydney |
Finance Director
"Liesbeth has a personal and profound message to share. She’s giving you all her hard-fought secrets, screwups and relatable stories. She’s remarkable on the topic of gender, the Scandinavian way of leading, setting up for innovative culture. She will not only inspire your audience to change, but she’ll also teach them how."
George Tamm
University of Sydney | Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

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