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Your sparring partner in Better Business Planning, Business "WHY" & Better Leadership.

Inspiring keynotes,
action triggering workshops

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"Make a difference - create & celebrate"

- Liesbeth Dillen


Liesbeth takes the audience on an inspiring journey with her keen insights, sense of humor, and immense love for life and humanity. A highly acclaimed international business speaker on customer-coworker centricity and future proof leadership, she challenges you, motivates you, and guides you to prepare your company for tomorrow and take the leadership to the next level.

Liesbeth is hired to design and deliver:


Powerful opening and closing key notes for summits, corporate events, roundtables, and board rooms, to energize, stimulate, and motivate audience.


“Call-to-Action” triggering workshops to implement new knowledge into action and step up your game.  


Inspire your team, clients,
audience & yourself