The power of human connection gives us an infinite capacity for growth.

Liesbeth's handwritten signatureLet’s move forward together
‘In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in the future they’ll be about the heart.’
— Minouk Shafik, Director London School Of Economics
Liesbeth Dillen in a workshop, surrounded by people, writing down notes

My mission  is to help individuals and companies navigate their transformation journeys and flourish in the face of uncertainty.
Departing from Scandinavian leadership principles based on cooperation and co-creation, I help build a culture of courage, curiosity and creativity.

After 20 exciting years as an IKEA executive, I reinvented myself and discovered my own voice. This new era calls for a new paradigm of leadership where we bring our authentic selves to the table. By going beyond the old success models and becoming more open and inclusive, we can unleash our full potential and build a brighter future.

My five signatures

These are elements that are woven throughout my life and work.

Music that moves

I use soul music at the beginning and end of my sessions to connect to our heart space and lift our spirits.

Friends & family

Everything in life revolves around human relationships. It is my eternal Why.

Vitamins for the brain

I use art to jumpstart creativity, provide new perspectives and to enter a state of flow.

Our primal touchstone

Nature oxygenates my brain and helps me generate new thinking. It is essential for well-being.

Comfort & connection

Tea soothes and energizes, and creates a ritual that adds warmth and brings us together.

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