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the new.

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You are here to create the “We” culture and make everyone feel inclusive. 


- Liesbeth Dillen


When do you need a better leadership?

  • Competition occupies the center of strategic thinking, making your team reactive and less creative.
  • Your team uses only half of the talents for lack of motivation and purpose.
  • You are struggling to understand what it takes to lead during the uncertain times.
  • You are "leading the uncertain”.
  • Fear of change hinders progress.
  • Trapped in rat-race barely making daily operations.
  • You don’t know how to lead in a participative way, lack social skills, and don’t know how to install trust.

I am here to help you move away from the old paradigm of top-down leadership and cultivate the strength of new and better leadership that is participative and agile. To help you learn “to lead the uncertain”.

Your team needs to feel safe to be daring, to improve, to fail and learn from it, and to experiment.  - You need to be trusted.

And when people trust you, they’d want to follow you in a fast changing time demanding agility and new roadmaps.  


Need help to plan your business
train your team? 



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Client - IT, Fujitsu world tour, +500 B-to-B- clients.

Challenge - To help IT client work with people in mind.

Solution for Challenge:
Eye-opening key notes.


Less transactional, more success building, and sustainable relationships. We inspired to grasp how the new world with empowered consumers in control has shifted the way of interacting, and how Big-Data raises demands for personalization. Even in the B-t-B client world with entire focus on digitalization - people are still acting as people - and you need to give customers what they want in a warm, human way. Social skills and trust are the currency of the future.

Client - Media/TV/Radio/Print holding (Europe).

Challenge - To help stressed leaders keep up and be innovative.

Solution for Challenge:
"Executive Coaching" on helping people and business to grow. 


Better business results from claiming ownership and generating ideas from less stressed teams. Because being clear is the new smart, we instilled “self-care” and balanced leadership habit. This gave room to make right decisions amidst the overload of information and to communicate more clearly. Leaders learned about interdependent leadership and to be daring in delegation. Caring leadership triggered a culture of trust and safety, and created an environment for generating new thinking.

Client - Finance/ Banking sector.

Challenge - Create inclusiveness beyond HR agenda and data sheet.

Solution for Challenge:
"Individual Leadership Coaching" before taking it to a team level. 


Better business performance, more innovative ideas and decision making. We worked on creating a more inclusive work culture for all leaders and translated corporate values into pragmatic new behaviors. Consequently, DNA of the entire company evolved and it became inclusive beyond gender. More women applied and went forward in the pipeline and inspired others who were “different” and “new” to follow the footsteps.

Better Business Planing in Action

Client - Global brand in consumer goods

Area of Concern - Decreasing customer base, and challenge combining “Global” with “Local”

Services Provided:

  • Customized training for local management teams.
  • Distant learning with boostcamps.

Result of Services:

  • Market analysis on competitive landscape, trends, brand, internal capabilities, P&L were possible.
  • Strengthened local growth potentials on - channels, segments, geographic, and range & services.
  • Tackling hindrances to areas of growth were prioritized.
  • Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan, Action Plan set and put into effect.
  • Brand storyline/narrative that involves all co-workers was created